In this week's special edition, we share some of the best features and articles that our registered manager members of Skills for Care have received over the last 18 months.
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This week, in a rather different enews, I want to share some of the best features and articles that our registered manager members of Skills for Care have received over the last 18 months in their monthly newsletters.

Our members’ newsletter is packed with useful information and articles that are directly relevant to the registered manager role. Regular features include ‘Spotlight on...’, ‘Burning question’, ‘Expert insight’ and ‘Cut out and keep’.

In this enews special we’ve included some example articles for you to read. Each piece is written by experts who offer advice, support, practical information and guidance on matters and issues that are important to registered managers. We also hear from our own members who share best practice with their peers; something every good manager should do, irrespective of the setting or sector they work in.

If you’re a registered manager or nominated individual, I’d like to ask you to support key research that Skills for Care is conducting into your role, by completing the survey here. Your responses will help us continue to develop our offer to registered managers and share information with the sector about your role, your experiences and the support you need.

Skills for Care is the membership body for registered managers, so if you’re not already a member, I would encourage you to find out more by either visiting our website, contacting your Locality Manager or emailing Edward Hopkins, our Membership Lead at

Sharon Allen, CEO, Skills for Care

 Spotlight on... 

Each month’s newsletter features a ‘Spotlight on’ section. In February 2017 members heard from Sandra Anderson, registered manager at The Millings about having the right culture and making links with the local community.
Our culture and approach aren’t just person-centred, they’re relationship-centred. We are always working on relationship building, whether it’s between staff, residents or with the local community. It starts by taking the time to find out what people want, their interests and wishes. We get to know people, we listen and we learn. To do this you have to make time and take creative approaches to hearing from people.

For example, alongside care planning, residents meetings and our feedback box, we’ve introduced a wish tree; a small tree which residents can tie a small label to with their wishes on. Residents can put suggestions and wishes (they don’t have to be about the service) on there, and it’s a softer way of listening - hearing feedback and learning about interests. Not everyone likes giving direct feedback.

To read the full article from Sandra click here.

 Burning question 

Each month, we answer a question from a registered manager.
In July 2017 we were asked…
What do you feel all new registered managers should know?
As part of a recent survey we asked members what their five top tips were for new managers to keep in mind during their first 12 months in the job. Virginia Fenton, Registered Manager at The Disabilities Trust, shares hers…
  1. Don't carry the weight of the world on your shoulder - feed the stress up the line! If you're having a bad day your manager needs to know - so they can help you!
  2. Make your team understand how much you value them - if my support workers don't turn in I don't have a job and they need to know that I know this.
  3. If you run a service that operates on a 24/7 basis you cannot expect to run it on office hours - you need to be in the service regularly outside of office hours and you need to be visible.
  4. You are the professional and you make decisions that are best for the whole service and this won't suit everyone - be quietly and politely assertive with families and get them on side.
  5. Issues and problems provide you with your opportunity to shine as a manager - tackle them confidently head on and you will earn the respect of your team.

 Expert insight 

In June 2017 members heard from Andrew Holdaway, HR Consultant at Pivotal HR, with his tips on achieving outstanding recruitment.  

How to have outstanding and safe recruitment in registered care
Our HR helpline receives regular calls from registered managers who, after their CQC inspection, have been advised that their standards for recruiting staff requires improvement. To comply with Regulation 18 your recruitment process has to show that you have considered the needs of the people who use your services and have, as a result, recruited people with the right combination of skills and experience.
Our experience tells us that the best way to do this includes:

To read the full piece from Andrew click here.
Registered manager members of Skills for Care get a preferential rate on HR advice from Pivotal HR.
 Cut out and keep 

A manager’s guide to the Mental Capacity Act (MCA) and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS)
Each Cut out and keep is a longer feature, which members can print out and add to their Managers Handbook.

In March 2016, Marie Lovell, Project Manager with Skills for Care’s Innovation team wrote about the Mental Capacity Act (MCA) and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS). It included contributions from our area team for London and the South East of England.

Every health and social care worker needs to understand enough about the Mental Capacity Act (MCA) to play their part in balancing their duty of care with people’s right to make their own decisions.

To read the full article from Marie, click here.

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